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Organic Poultry

All Seasons Farm is proud to offer USDA Organic chickens. We sell the whole bird (fresh or frozen) as well as feet and giblets by the pound. They are raised on our certified organic pasture grasses and fed certified organic, corn-free, non-GMO feed.

Our chickens can be purchased on farm, through our chicken share or at the Durango and Bayfield Downtown Farmers Markets. Due to the nature of pasturing poultry, we do not offer chicken during the winter months.

Prices for the 2018 Season
Whole broilers - $6.00 per pound
Chicken feet - $5 per 10 feet
Chicken liver - $5 per pound
Chicken necks - $4 per pound
Chicken hearts - $3 per pound

All Seasons Farm Chicken Share: For the 2019 summer season, we will be offering a “Chicken Share” - the customer will pay a one time fee to reserve discounted birds throughout the year. There will be a weekly pickup option as well as an every other week option. Email to be added to our customer emailing list for information on our chicken CSA.